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  • Hours of Operation: I’m available Six days a week. Dawn till Dusk. If there’s sufficient daylight for me to complete the exterior inspection, I’ll gladly fit you into my schedule.
  • Always On Time: I’ll arrive at your prospective home ½ hour early. I’ll complete your exterior inspection and be waiting for you when you arrive. I’ll then walk you through the entire property.
  • Next Day Report: You will receive your detailed computer generated report with digital photos following your property inspection. My reports are easy to read and categorized for easy understanding.
  • Customer Service: If you have any questions before or after your inspection, my phone lines are open from 8:00 am – 7:00 pm. Telephone consultation with me will be available for as long as you own your home.
  • Competitive Pricing, Great Value, Most Houses $350 -$400
  • Experience: Expert Licensed Home Inspector [Lic # 2989] Seven Years Experience and Licensed General Contractor with 30+ Years Experience
  • Guarantee: If you’re not satisfied, we’re not satisfied. Just let me know before accepting the report and I will not charge you for the inspection.
  • Safety: We test for, Carbon Monoxide,Leaky Gas Lines, Smoke Detector Function,Electrical Components, Structural Design and offer, Radon and Mold testing.
  • RE Agents, I'm easy to work with. SUPRA Key, Arrive Early, Next Day Report, Preview the Findings at Inspection Conclusion
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Home Inspection Concord | Expert Service & Pricing

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 Don’t Buy The Money Pit!

When you’re buying a house, your best friend can be the Inspector.

My Expert Home Inspection can let you know if you’re about to buy a lemon of a house or warn you about potential problems. At best, you can move into the house confident that it’s in good shape; at worst, My report can let you back out of the deal if the house has major, unexpected problems.

What To Look For In A Home Inspector

  • Credentials and Experience. Generally speaking, “You should have had a hammer in your hand at some point in your background to have a good grasp of construction”
  • Got insurance?
  • Ask how long an average inspection takes, 3-4 hours  is about right.
  • Have a guarantee?
  • Ask if the inspector puts his findings into a narrative-style report; that’s what you want –
  • Ask to come along when the home is examined. Red flag would be if they don’t.
  • Do they walk the roof when possible?
  • Do they have the equipment to test for carbon monoxide,leaky gas lines,radon, mold ?

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Dear Home Buyer,

Do you want “Peace of Mind….Before You Buy”?

Do you have concerns that although your prospective home looks OK or has some issues that you’re aware of, it might also have problems your not aware of? It could be from a leaky spigot to a deteriorating foundation, an easy $20,000 repair.

I’ve helped hundreds of homeowners find peace of mind with my extensive inspections, covering all major systems comprised of hundreds of items, in an easy to read and understandable report with pictures.

Whether the home you’re looking at is a condo, average size , a mansion, new construction, or an older home, you name it I’ve inspected them all.

I’m sure you’re wondering what the home inspection costs. First let me say my pricing is very competitive, I believe in giving value to my customers, which in turn helps to keep my schedule full, but basically it depends on three factors:  size, age, and condition. Most homes are in the $300. to $350. price range.

When you call, I’ll be happy to give you a free no obligation quote and I’ll answer any questions you may have .

Thanks, I look forward to hearing from you.

John M Burns

PS:  My schedule often fills up several days in advance.

Please call ASAP to secure your time slot.


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10 must-to-know factors looked into by home inspectors

Buying a house is certainly one of the biggest decisions for anyone to make. This is in most of the cases a life time incident. Most of the people buy house only once in a life time. So, they always want to make the best and wise decision. The key reason behind such a level of importance is certainly the money on stake. This is a matter of investment of thousands of dollars. Hence, no one can afford to go wrong with their decision. But not everyone is experienced in the field of real estate. So, what should they do? How should they proceed with the entire process?
Why you need a home inspector?
The most discreet answer of this question is a home inspector. Yes, you may have heard the term before but you have not shown any interest. This is natural but now when the necessity is yours own, you got to know about the job of an inspector or what the home inspection process is all about. We often come across situations where the home buyer regrets buying a house since the condition of the house is not appropriate. There are so many disputes in the house. So, if you are not experienced, you wouldn’t be able to identify the faulty areas.
This is a job of professional inspectors who are professionally doing this job. They know what to see, how to evaluate the house condition. It is not always easy to hide things from their experienced eyes. So, if you have the assistance of a professional inspector alongside you, you can go for the buying process much safely and confidently.
Here we will have a look at what the inspectors verify and what they don’t verify. Knowing these factors are not only essential for the buyers, it is equally important for the sellers as well. When you know which areas of the house will be examined, you can take the required steps in advance or you can repair the damages than losing your clients. So, let’s have a look then.
i) The first thing they notice is the structural elements. They verify whether the house has been made abiding by all the regulations or not. The materials used in the construction are also kept under the scanner by the home inspector.
ii) The condition of the floor or ground is another important thing to look at. Any sort of crack or leaks on the floor is a negative sign. The drainage system and the condition of the drive way are also verified. Fences, sidewalks are also under the scanner. So, if you are selling your house, you need to be careful about that.
iii) The next important thing is the condition of the roof. Inspectors will see whether the condition of the ceiling is good or not. There shouldn’t be any patches or repairs. The vents should be clear and the gutters should be working properly.
iv) The exterior condition is next in the list. The exterior of the house has to be in good condition. The painting, clearance between ground and siding material, lights in working condition  – all these factors are noticed.
v) After that it is the attics turn. The ventilation system is very important. It is checked properly by the inspector. Leakage in any place of the house, water damage – these factors are also considered as crucial during the inspection. Sufficient insulation is also another important area that is looked into.
vi) Plumbing is the next important area. In fact this is one of the most crucial areas of inspection. There shouldn’t be any damage or leakage in the pipes. The area that is specially looked into is bathroom. The condition of the sinks, bathtub, shower, toilets – all these areas are very important. Your stay in the house can turn out to be a happy experience when these things are in proper condition.
vii) Now, you cannot ignore this factor in any condition. This is the electrical condition. The condition of the electric has to be according to the code, the circuit breakers should be properly functioning. Lights, fans, other fixtures; everything should be in good working condition.
viii) Another important thing that is looked into is the condition of the appliances. There can be so many things in the list like properly functioning stove, dishwasher, refrigerator, microwave, cooling system, air-conditioning, fireplace etc. Everything should be in good working condition.
ix) You cannot ignore the condition of the basement. Yes, this is one of the very important areas of a house. The foundation of the basement has to be solid, the walls and floors should be perfect. And most importantly, there shouldn’t be any damage or leakage.
x) And finally, the condition of the garage is what the inspector look into. The windows, ceiling, doors, walls and the electrical system – these should be perfect in condition.
How to find a home inspector?
OK, so now you know what the things that are looked into mostly are. The list is not limited to this one, it can go on and also it depends on individuals. However, you can assume that these are the most important ones to look at. If you are going to sell your house, you should be careful about these factors.
Now you need to know how to find the best person or company for inspection. The much preferred way to go for this is searching on the internet or asking for help from your friends. Home Inspection Charlotte is one of the reliable and experienced inspection service providers. They have years of experience in the inspection field and have assisted thousands of house owners to buy and sell their house successfully. They are the best professional & certified. You can talk to the home inspector John regarding your situation. All kinds of assistance regarding house inspection is offered here at the most affordable price.
So, what are you waiting for? Hire their service and be a confident buyer. Ensure maximum return out of your home buying investment.



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