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17 percent of property assessments were incorrect

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17 percent of property assessments were incorrect
LA PORTE — An independent contractor hired by the county to review its 2006 retrended property assessments found that 17 percent of properties identified for further inspection had changed in value.
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Commissioners set property tax levy for 2010-11
The North Platte Telegraph The Lincoln County commissioners have set the final property tax levy for the 2010-2011 fiscal year. It will be 33.497 cents per $ 100 of assessed valuation, which is down from 36.155 cents last year.
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New amendment to require sewage inspection with property transfer
The Bullskin Township/Connellsville Township Joint Sewage Authority has adopted an amendment that will require an inspection at the time of any property transfer within the sewage system.
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Crossett City Attorney to Research if District Judge Remains Legal After Leaving the City
An update on an inspection of a sewer system offered to the city in its August meeting, the adoption of two resolutions, and allegations of a municipal judge living outside his jurisdiction were addressed by aldermen during Crossett City Council meeting on Monday, Sept. 20.
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