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Chicago Home Inspection Man

5avg.rating 45 votes. When buying a house it always seems that it’s going to cost a lot more than what you think. Sometimes that’s true. Not having the home that you’re about to buy inspected could cost you a lot more than you were anticipating. We all want to save money and we all understand that we have a mortgage, maintenance costs, and utility costs and that’s just a few. And the last thing we need is a big surprise with this new home we just bought. It shouldn’t happen but it does. So why not cut your chances of something going wrong with your home once you’re in. Everyone understands cutting costs. But cutting out having your home inspected is not a wise move. Spending just a few hundred dollars could save you thousands of dollars. By getting your home inspected by a certified home inspector can give you peace mine. There’s other ways of cutting costs and I’m sure if you think about it hard enough you would find a way to come up a few hundred dollars to have this beautiful home that you want to inspected. What do you think it would cost you as the home buyer if you had to put a new roof on the first time it rained. Even if it was just a repair on your roof it would still cost you more than a home inspection. The simple truth is having a home inspector do a home inspection on the home that you are about to purchase is a very smart and wise decision. Find out up front how much this house is really going to cost you before you purchase it. There may be things that you On average home inspections calls about 0. You might say why would one want inspection? This is a very good question considering the times are hard and the buyer is already getting hit with a lot of other costs. Here’s the thing. On average they repairs on a house being balked range from 00-00 depending on which study you read. Obviously some repairs are extremely high. I have seen repairs over 000. Some repairs are just a couple hundred dollars. Let me ask you this do you want to gamble the possibility of a 000 repair trying to save 0. When you really think about it 0 is a small price to pay. In this video Charlotte home inspector Preston Sandlin lays out exactly why you should get a home inspection. If you have any inspection questions don’t hesitate to call home inspection Carolina in Charlotte or visit their website at http
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  1. I think your tips are great. Thanks for taking the time to create this video.

  2. Thanks for the great info. This helps me to under why I need a home inspector.

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