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Common Problems Found During a Home Inspection

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Common Problems Found During a Home Inspection

If you are thinking about selling your home or just trying to stay on top of the various home maintenance needs, you’ll notice that this can be a very stressful or difficult task.  And if you sell your home and there’s an offer, it’s not yet a done deal until the home inspection process is through.  There are common problems that home inspectors find during the home inspection process. Water Damage Tampa

The first home inspection issue that home inspectors encounter is the problem in the plumbing system.  The most obvious thing to look for is any kind of leak around any exposed pipes. The inspection of the plumbing is also something that you can do regularly yourself.  Check out the faucet for leaks especially the laundry connection to your washing machine which is a common problem area since most water connections to the washing machine are located on the backside of the machine facing the wall.  Also try to check if your pipes are made of polybutylene especially if you house was built in the ‘70s and ‘80s because these pipes are proven to fail and are considered a red flag in the home inspection.

Another concern that’s also on top of the list of the problems found during home inspection is the electrical concern.  Obviously, home inspectors will check-up on your home’s electrical sockets and outlets.  Common problems that home inspectors find are that these sockets and outlets are either loose or not working.  Of course, the new home owners would want these problems repaired.  In addition to the outlet inspections, the home inspectors would also point out if the plugs are ground fault circuit interrupters or not.  This type of plug automatically shut down each time there is a surge in electric current.  Another electrical problem that home inspectors find out that some homes have is the improperly wired breaker boxes, with breakers that are not of exact size or unfit.  With all the demands for power to keep the computers, television and other household appliances working, it is a must to make certain that the electrical box has enough capacity to handle his demand to prevent unwanted fire accident brought about by faulty electrical systems. Home Inspector Tampa FL

Third problem on the list is the problem in the heating system.  Most home owners think that changing the heating filter on a monthly basis is already enough to maintain proper functioning of the heating system; however this is not enough.  Annual maintenance of the whole heating system should be done like adjustments of the burner and checking of the structural integrity of the heating system.  Any leak in the piping or the unit itself could result in a dangerous gas leak or carbon monoxide poisoning.  This is why checking for the heating system is a critical point of the home inspection process.

Problems with the roof and the attic are also in the home inspection report.  Many homeowners don’t know that their houses don’t have enough insulation in their attics, leading to higher energy bills as their heating system works more to maintain a consistent temperature.  Inspectors also find improperly installed flashings on the roof, which in turn would allow rain water to seep into the house.

Lastly, home inspectors also find many issues related to improper drainage.  If the drainage around your home does not properly carry water away, it is most likely that the water will pool into the foundation of your home and seep in areas like the basement. Gutter systems that also don’t carry water far enough from the house will most likely kill the deal of selling the house.

Getting your home ready to sell involves more than just a thorough cleaning.  By checking out these things ahead of time through a thorough home inspection, you will most likely get a good deal on your home.

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Article from I’m not suggesting that a home inspection checklist will save you from poor construction headaches or home repairs in the future, but what if it could. What if you found one item on this list that saved you a few thousand dollars, with the purchase of a home inspection checklist be worth a few hundred dollars? If that’s true, I suggest that you purchase a home inspection checklist and see if you can eliminate some of your problems by purchasing a home that you’re comfortable buying.

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