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Credit card FAQ

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Credit card FAQ

About how long does it clutch to build up credit?
I’m a college student and up until now I’d never have a credit card or anything like that, so I didn’t enjoy ANY credit. But I bought a car contained by January of this year. I’ve made one payment so far and the second one is coming up soon. How long does it purloin for me to earn credit if I never had any prior to this?

About how long does it lug to establish a appropriate credit evaluation using nought but a credit card…?
using nothing but a credit card a few times per month for small everyday purchases. Say this person started from score (i.e. is only in college and doesn’t enjoy any credit). Also, this person pays off adjectives of the bill all at once and never uses the card to make a purchase that would require more money than he have in his checking account.

About how long will it nick to see my credit win move about up?
Right now I enjoy a credit score averaging 690 on adjectives 3 credit companies. I just salaried off a collection from a medical bill on an chance I had years ago. I simply owe a couple hundred on a credit card that I always take-home pay off regularly. I do hold about 5 credit cards because I thought they would assist to improve my credit. Three of those cards I get in times gone by year and the other 2 over 3 years ago. I paid sour 2 car proceedings already and co-signed for my brother’s loan. I have 2 bleak marks on my credit reports (beside the collection) for man 30 days late. One of them be 2 years ago for my capital one where on earth I decided to settle on line and i used my funds account, but I didn’t realize until I get my next statement that my guard didn’t allow it. Recently my brother didn’t remember to pay his motor loan and it went on my credit report. So if everything go approx. how long will it take for my rack up to reach 720? Also could I dispute the capital-one behind mark since I tried to pay envelope and didn’t know?

About my credit card pin number?
I havent gotten a credit card in a few years. I newly got a Discover card today and forgot how I receive my pin. Does it come seperately in another envelope within a few days or what?

About My Credit Report?
If I close a credit card account, will days gone by records of that credit card show on my Credit report. I enjoy missed one payment one of my credit. But my friend told me to close that credit card so that the documents will be deleted from that. But my credit card still shows the closed card.Is that right?

About Online Shopping i call for to know?
Hi well i bought something sour the internet By Using PayPal, Since i closed my account will it still charge me ? Because i hear now that the internet isnt really reliable for ur credit card numbers and such and that it can transport my money while i dont know about it. Well since i closed my side on Paypal i wanna know if im still vulnerable that their stealing my money.

About paying and leading online?
Is it possible to have money(or credits) online which we can use against services or for buying online without mortal needed to have any material credit card or something similar to that? And is it possible to win or earn such credits online? (this may seem stupid but please try to help beside your knowledge)

About paying (using a credit card)?
I have a credit card and I want to remuneration for some web sites using it.But Im afraid that if the trellis site holder can see my pin number and password that person will filch money from my account.I want to know that can a net site holder can see those things ?Isnt there a protection system to protect passwords .etc.

Is this a good service, is giving them your credit card info past the worst?

About SOL on credit card debt?
Here is the situation. Four years have passed and no compensation have be made at adjectives on the credit cards. What if inside the four years the Company have sued the creature beforehand SOL is over and the personality wasn’t aware or know he have be sued because he be outside the United States sick. What will occur next? thank you

About to marry into some credit problems.?
I may be getting married to someone who have at least possible 13,000 dollars surrounded by credit card debt. His first finace be to blame (or so he says) but the point is, the debt is at hand. I grain similar to I’m going to own to suffer to return with this salaried, stale, and suffer surrounded by the marriage ceremony financially because of this mess of his. He keep axiom that he desires to rate the debt rotten since we get hold of married, which is justifiable, but beside the amount of money he make a month, it’s impossible to pick up up satisfactory. He requests to remuneration it rotten adjectives at once. It’s a impossible situation. He tried to consolidate his debt but the company told him that he didn’t sort plenty money. Does anyone hold any insist on for me? How can I facilitate him obtain out of debt?

About to move out for Navy boot military camp, but enjoy desperate credit. How will this affect me?
I got involved near a girl a couple of years ago and disregarded all of my credit card bills. Now I’m playing shut in up. I’ve been slowly paying bad my bad credit through credit agencies presently for the past two years.I’ve already signed my contract for the Navy and will be disappearing for boot camp within July. I’ve researched and read that bad credit will affect my art in the military. I passed the shelter background check and received a pretty honest job set aside, Avionics Technician. What I’m worried about is will this bite me within the butt later on after boot military camp or worse during boot camp?My Uncle who be in the service for approximately 24 years made the comment that “you don’t want the military to find out you own bad credit.” So immediately I’m worried. I notified the classifier, the guy who assigns job, about the fruitless debt and I was still offered the above duty. I’m just freaking out.Thanks for your abet.

About WA SOL?
I noticed, it was posted, that Washington credit card’s SOL for collection is 6 years. I thought it be 3 years. I looked online and found 5 credit and legal websites that show open accounts(no cessation blanance until account is cancelled) in WA are colllectible for 3 years and written accounts(such as loans next to an end) have a 6 year collection SOL.I also read that the Truth in Leading Act states adjectives credit cards in the US are open accounts.So, is WA SOL for pen accounts/credit cards 3 years, or 6 years. I am not sure.

Accept Credit Card grant through Paypal lacking a Paypal justification?
Please view the details below:Why use PayPal?- Use your credit card online minus exposing your card number to merchants.- Speed through checkout. No need to enter your card number or address.Sign up for a PayPal commentary and continue checkout.Email: Create PayPal Password:(8 characters minimum)Confirm Password: By clicking the button below, I agree beside PayPal’s User Agreement and Privacy Policy.Please advise, thx.

Accept credit card payments directly not through PayPal?
I have a website, and I adopt Paypal and Credit Card payments. While I tried to pay beside Credit Card, after I filled my credit card information, I own to register a paypal account. Can I adopt credit card payments directly not through Paypal? Can anybody help me? Thank you contained by advance.

Accepting credit card payments?
i have a site near yahoo but its not a merchant account. i am selling a product that paypal does not allow beneath their “acceptable use policy” laying a bet transactions are not allowed. so i can no longer use paypal as my checkout method. are there any other sites approaching paypal that i can use to check out, googlecheck does not allow gambling transactions any. something that is simple and not complex, extremely easy to use. i deduce yahoo has a merchant details but that seems complicated and to my explanation we would have to create a unbroken new site not using sitebuilder…only a simple shopping cart someone would click and check out..

Accepting pay from a possible stolen credit card…?
Ok, I sold an item on Ebay and it went to someone living contained by Africa. They have a unenthusiastic 1 feedback score and someone from the “UK” footed the bill on their credit card surrounded by my paypal account. Supposedly their uncle. What is the accidental that this is like identity nicking and should I not send the item to them or believe what they voice? What happens as in good health if I do send the item and it be credit card theft? Would I after lose the camera and the money? Trying to be a good Ebayer…the pay is in so I call for to make a edict if its right to ship the item or not. Thanks.

Accidental transmittal posting to credit card?
I just received confirmation of a grant posting to my account that I didn’t fashion. It is a rather voluminous sum with mostly zero. I’ve decided I am going to linger it out and see what happens, but what are the probability that this will NOT get caught by the cc company? Does anybody know? This have never happened to me.

Accidentally applied for 2 credit cards…?
I am 18, just out of lofty school, and looking to build a polite credit score by making smart decision on how I use my credit. I currently have a cell phone w/ a contract and a student credit card w/ 0% financing on up to 0, which I use for small purchases and wage all or most of it stale each month. I obligation a new MacBook for college, so I applied for the Apple sponsored credit card on their website, but since I hold little credit I was solitary approved for 0, which obviously isn’t plenty to cover the expenses. So, I clicked “cancel” thinking I was not accepting the card, when surrounded by fact I have accepted it.During the time I thought I have not accepted the previous credit card, I applied for a Citi student credit card and be approved for up to k.So, I accidentally applied and got 2 credit cards surrounded by the same time. How will this affect my credit score and what should I do? Since, I know you receive points deducted for both applying and closing cards.

Accidentally compensated my credit card behind time.. what to do?
I accidently missed my credit card payment by sooner or later, and now I’ve notice that my monthly minimum has gone up (alot too). I know this is desperate for your credit, really bad. So what should I do, should I dissolve this card? How long will that late costs be on my credit history? And also is it going to affect me THAT much? I’ve read mixed answers so I turn to you fine folks.

Accoutning cross-question?
Now with this information yo have to. prepare an Income Statement and Balance Sheet for Jone’s Home Inspection as of December 31, 2007. Don will involve these to prepare his 2007 tax return.Prepare an Income Statement, Owner’s Equity Statement and Balance Sheet.Sept. 1 Signed up for home inspection course at local community college. Cost is ,000. Put this on the business credit cardDr Training expense ,000Cr Credit card payable ,000Sept. 20 Transferred ,500 from personal savings vindication to business checking accountDr Cash ,500Cr Don Jones, capital ,500Sept. 25 Purchased suggestion materials from local book store. Paid 0 cashDr Training expenses 0Cr Cash 0Sept. 25 Signed up for home inspection licensing exam. Placed the 0 allowance on the business credit cardDr Training exp. 0Cr Credit card payable 0Oct. 15 Purchased a 1 year insurance policy for the business by putting the ,400 premium on the business credit cardDr Prepaid insurance ,400Cr Credit card payable ,400Oct. 20 Paid 0 on the business credit cardDr Credit card payable 0Cr Cash 0Oct. 25 Purchased tools for the business by paying 0 cashDr Tools 0Cr Cash 0Oct. 30 Paid 0 to get business cards printed. (Note: this an promotion expense) Dr Advertising exp. 0Cr Cash 0Nov. 1 Purchased candy baskets to leave at local realtors?offices to puff business. Paid 0 cashDr Advertising exp. 0Cr Cash 0Nov. 10 Purchased office supplies needed to prepare inspection reports. Paid doshDr Office supplies Cr Cash Nov 20 Purchased truck costing ,000 to use for business. Took out auto loan from local bankDr Truck ,000Cr Truck loan payable ,000

Activate Credit Card?
I have be approved for a credit card for Express (Clothing Store), and I received my card in the letters a few days ago, what is my next step? Do I hold to activate my card? Or can I start using?

activate credit card?
i found this website:… it offers free $ 5.00 but requires activation . can i throw it away after using it adjectives or do i still have to rate any fees?also, what am i required to do exactly during activation process?

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