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Fixing the Red Ring of Death Problem at Home – Repair Your Xbox Without Spending a Dime

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Fixing the Red Ring of Death Problem at Home – Repair Your Xbox Without Spending a Dime

Despite the fun and entertainment it brings, the Xbox 360 also collects the most number of complaints due to the red ring of death. Though there might be ideas how an owner could go about fixing the red ring of death from various websites, it’s much worthy to note the reasons why such an occurrence takes place in the Xbox 360.

If you’ve come across such a problem, or if you’re one of the cautious owners of the console, this article will surely be a great help. Apart from helping you avoid harming your Xbox 360 by seemingly easy do-it-yourself methods from online forums, they are more helpful in the prevention aspect. This is more about seeking good health for your console, in contrast to that costly medication to revive or save the well-being of your gadget. As it is, fixing the red ring of death would not be a problem anymore if there is no such need to getting it fixed.

Here are the four basic elements to beating the red ring of death:

1. Don’t allow your Xbox 360 to get hot. Most of the time, it does because of long, non-stop use; often, it’s placed in improperly ventilated situations, like putting books, magazines or other stuff atop the Xbox. When it does get too hot, the red light starts to flash. This should be warning enough for the need to let your console rest and cool down.

2. Make sure all the connections are in place. The audio and video cables found at the back of the Xbox should be plugged in well at the designated areas, otherwise, the red lights will start on. Also, with insufficient power to the Xbox comes malfunctioning of the Xbox. But if the power source and connection is properly placed, then the console will work well.

3. Getting rightful professionals is always a wise choice. No doubt, the Microsoft technicians are experts at fixing the red ring of death. But before you mail the console, make sure it’s still under warranty. Be prepared to pay around 0 for the repair costs, and some more for the shipping costs, if the warranty is void. Moreover, take note that repair and shipping can take as much as four weeks.

4. Do the fixing yourself might be good also, provided you have at hand a reliable step-by-step guide. Such resource could be found online, and even simplified especially for those without much technical know-how. Minus videos to guide you in fixing the red ring of death, plus the pricey costs of this option, you might want to think twice – and really hard – before giving it a go.

You don’t want to pay 0 to fix your xbox or wait for 6-8 weeks until your xbox get repaired by Microsoft don’t you? If you need more information about fixing the red ring of death, just do it by yourself in very cheap way and you can play again in 1 hours by Clicking Here.

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