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Home improvement clips

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Clips from Home improvement

25 Responses to “Home improvement clips”

  1. This was back when TV shows had soul.

  2. i always cry when i see the end of the video. the flashback with the sad music

  3. Jonathan Taylor Thomas<3

  4. i like his hair

  5. @novicechef101 yes

  6. i love randy. he´s so cute !

  7. …a life long dream of mine…haha.

  8. aw what a nice show

  9. aw what a nice show.

  10. simba

  11. OMG it hurt me to see him crying like that I just wanted to give him a big hug!

  12. OMG JTT was the cutest and most funny thing ever I loved him and I had a crush on him as well!

  13. i love the part when tim is explaining the chicken manners and brad asks what about a live chicken and tim’s like who the hell do you hangout with

  14. Randy: “You look like a big geek!”
    Tim: “…Alright.”

  15. life seems to always be improvin

  16. yeah i like her hiar too <3....

  17. It was thought he had Cancer>

  18. whats the episodes name??

  19. What epi is randy in the sultan outfit crying?

  20. Americans Number #1 Comedy Sitcom.
    Comedy Legends Tim Allen, Taran Noah Smith, Patricia Richardson.. The list goes on.

    On the DVD commentary for season 1 Tim Allen admits “Despite the separate plot strands, the narratives reveal the creators’ “consistent efforts to maintain the intimacy between the small cast of characters. ” This show was truly a show about nothing and for that we love it “

  21. randys so cute :p
    not too sure about the other two …

  22. @dogpacks – Cause he had a chance of having cancer and it sunk in more from being told before that scene and he couldn’t keep it in anymore.

  23. Why was Randy crying?

  24. luv ya zmiica, great parts..danke bitz

  25. actually i liked Randy’s hair

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