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Home Improvement & Repair on Video : How to Unclog a Sink Using a Drain Snake

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If plunging doesn’t fix a clogged sink, you may have to use a drain snake to clear the clog. Learn how in thisfree online home improvement video, with DIY home repair tips. Expert: Greg Lim Bio: Greg Lim is a professional handyman and residential property manager. In the seven years hes been a contractor, he has fully renovated two houses.
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15 Responses to “Home Improvement & Repair on Video : How to Unclog a Sink Using a Drain Snake”

  1. How do you know the resistance is the clog & not a crossroad to another pipe? I don’t think I reached my clog yet, and there’s a lot of resistance. I’m thinking I’m at the area where the pipe hits another pipe going east/west & I can’t get it to go the direction I want.

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  3. this guy sucks, his directions and example are wrong and he doesn’t even mention any safety precautions.

  4. thank you for this usefull video.

  5. I’d like to loosen your nuts then stick a snake inside you. WIth a nice back and forth motion.

  6. This is the wrong way to snake a drain.
    first off the drain is hooked up to the garbage disposal wrong.
    always have a plumber snake a drain with a powerd machine . this is the one and only way to make your problem with your drain go away.
    his way only pokes a hole in the drain
    any questions give me a call 310/245-0468

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  9. Important not to wear gloves since it is only a ,,little messy,,! I love all the kinks in his toy hand snake. Shows he knows how to use it well. If you remove the 1 1/4 totally it will be easier for the snake to enter at the PVC point. Good luck anyhow to clean a kitchen drain with a hand snake. If Mr.Homeowner spent a few hours he can call us with his greasy hands.

  10. What if you are wearing safety googles and they fog up?

  11. I have a Q wat if the clog is in the wall and the snake some times goes through but the clog is still there and it feels like it’s hard? Any answers please

  12. I agree – there is no safety equipment used in this video…Safety 1st, which doesn’t happen in this video, especially if you have used any caustic drain cleaner prior to taking the pipes apart…Thick Rubber Gloves, Long Sleeve Shirt, Safety Goggles and/or Face Shield…Be careful, people, this isn’t as easy as it looks or is made out to be in the video…Notice his trap had no water in it, either…

  13. That is what a Clean Out is for…If the stoppage is not in the p-trap, then put it all back together and use the clean out – some are under the sink but many are outside under the kitchen window – Using a Clean Out with a 1/2″ diameter cable will allow you to run water as you clear the stoppage…DO NOT put a hand snake like in the video down a clean out – it can loop up inside the 2″ pipe and then you have real troubles…Be careful, Please…

  14. The ONLY way that 1/4″ cable is going to work there is IF the clog is right at or before the vent stack. In many cases, the stoppage is further down the 2″ drain line that runs under the home, which would require using a cleanout and a 3/8″ – 5/8″ cable with the appropriate head attachment. The small hand snake in the video is better used on lavatory (hand sink) drains and tub drains. The man in the video is not an expert or a plumber, I am sad to write, so please be careful – Thank you.

  15. Interesting, but be careful that the information provided in this video is relevant to your Jurisdiction. Remember different parts of the world have different sink traps. Check out my channel for great tips and trick in DIY

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