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Home Improvement: Tool Time Part 1

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some clips from the tv show home improvement.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 Responses to “Home Improvement: Tool Time Part 1”

  1. oh i thought the guy with the beard was tim allen

  2. I tried so hard to not laugh. A friend send this to me so I thought well let’s give it a try. I watched it and though hmm this isn’t so bad but the moment he hit his head on the table, I burst out in laugh and tears, and went on for 10 minutes 😛

  3. how much grit was that sand paper

  4. same here it was great show i miss it 2…

  5. lol… 5:27

  6. Al: “Course you want to be sure the trigger switch is not locked in the ‘on’ position.”
    Tim: “Any idiot knows that, Al.”
    *sander goes off*

    Apparantly not EVERY idiot

  7. Tim and Al crack me up! In fact, most of the time – the crowd isn’t even laughing with me!


  9. @sunofcoppernicus this show is not sexist, you might want to watch a few more episodes before making that call

  10. it is better in German :)

  11. This show is so sexist, I mean what the fuck is wrong with you Americans!!!

  12. as always
    Tim VS Alan
    Tim: 0
    Alan: Infinite Win

  13. watch?v=dSKTW35e3FQ

  14. I wanted to comment after every clip that “it’s the best one” but actually they’re all equally the best.

  15. Anything and Everything can go wrong on tool time

  16. Ah, good times, good times.


  18. We;ll be right back after these messages from Binford!

    4:46: AHHHHHHH!!!!!!

  19. great show loved it

  20. good tools

  21. TV Land sucks also because they took away the outtakes, which I really hate the most. TBS doesn’t do that.

  22. man this was on eof the best shows then… now tv is full of crap… reality shows and retarded fact shows… times have certainly changed….

  23. @sntXklm the nanny sucks

  24. …i dont think so Tim..

  25. @TheDon6909 that episode was called “At Sea” and i dont remember tim squashing the micro car with his knee, as one of his accidents.

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