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Home Maintenance Checklist for Spring 2007 on

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Salt Lake City, UT (PRWEB) February 27, 2007

Warming weather and a later-setting sun serve as a reminder to all homeowners of upcoming spring home maintenance procedures. To assist homeowners beginning that process,, an online home repair resource, has published its “Home Maintenance Checklist for Spring 2007.” The checklist provides a sensible blueprint to address every meaningful area of home maintenance and repair (

The home maintenance and repair suggestions offered by can be done fairly quickly and easily ( Highlights of “Home Maintenance Checklist for Spring 2007” include:

    Service heating system and A/C system.

    Test pressure value on water heater.

    Inspect basement for moisture and rotten wood.

    Check roof for damaged shingles.

    Lubricate hinges, locks and moving door hardware.

“Spring is a time to assess how well your maintenance work held up during the winter and what other maintenance work or repairs must be made as a result of winter,” reports James and Morris Carey, nationally recognized home building and renovation experts and hosts of the syndicated radio show, On the House. The Carey Brothers offer a concrete example of the power of timely home maintenance. “The average water heater should last about 12 years. This limited life easily could be doubled with regular maintenance, such as flushing sediment from the bottom of the tank and replacing the sacrificial anode.”

Spring is not the only time when thorough and periodic home maintenance checks should be performed. provides a comprehensive list for every season to keep homeowners aware and prepared to make repairs and upgrades on every system in the home. is an online home repair resource that includes an interactive homeowner driven forum, contractor listings and home repair resources ranging from walls and floors to cabinets and plumbing. connects homeowners with top home repair specialists and contractors for specific home repair projects.

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