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Home Repair : How to Replace Cracked Tile

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Replace cracked tile floor tiles using a grout scraper, pry bar, hammer and safety glasses. Learn how to replace cracked floor tile using the home repair tips in this free video. Expert: Ryan Parker Contact: Bio: Ryan Parker is the owner of Parker Home Renovations in New Braunfels, TX. Filmmaker: Todd Green
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A wobbly ceiling fan can be dangerous. Learn tips on how to repair and maintain a ceiling fan using a blade balancing kit in thisfree online home improvement video. Expert: Greg Lim Bio: Greg Lim is a professional handyman and residential property manager. In the seven years hes been a contractor, he has fully renovated two houses.
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48 Responses to “Home Repair : How to Replace Cracked Tile”

  1. Great

  2. thanks for your help

  3. this is a crap example of how to replace a tile. The grout you are scraping out is wet, there is an exposed edge to the tile you remove and you are hitting the tile once. You need to show a real example, it is never this easy and you are full of it!

  4. What about putting sealer on the new grout? Hmm, looks like he never answers the questions here. Not good.

  5. good video alot easier with a demo hammer though.

  6. I did a 1000 square feet of tile in my house. First time ever. Good video. Never needed to repair tile YET. But I will one day. Thanks.

  7. great seems simple:)

  8. thank you very much looks very easy the way you show it.

  9. I’ve layed full tile floors/showers etc but never have I replaced just one broken tile in the middle of a floor. Would it be okay to use my 4″ angle grinder and diamond blade to cut the grout out or is the handy dandy grout scraper a must?? I have 3 tile to replace in my g/f’s pet hospital this week so any help would be appreciated…thanks

  10. he dont have to, expert village already did that clip.

  11. thanks.

  12. Hey , do you wipe it off right after with water or wait a little longer for the grout to sink in?
    Thanks. good video.

  13. is this guy frank mir ?

  14. Just replaced 3 tiles after watching this vid. I had to hit them with the hammer more than once but it was easy.

  15. I think if we use adhesive then our tile level may be went uneven. because a true layer of thin set is required for grip.

  16. why dont you do it yourself..if ur better

  17. che colla di merda

  18. My question would be why not use a construction adhesive with a new tile without chipping out the old thinset?

  19. eau9999, I’ve pulled up tile that’s been set for 5 years that pulled up easier than the one on the video. Most of the time if you’re replacing a tile its because its already cracked and coming up anyway. This video is more about demonstrating, not showing a real life situation.

  20. This is not a real life situation. You need to make a real video with a real floor. You are giving the wrong messege. Why don’t you make a video with a floor thats been set for a year and break a tile in the middle of the room. This vid is BULL.

  21. that look’s pretty easy

  22. Excellent! Thank you.

  23. cheers pal!

  24. You’re hire! I live in NH! :)

  25. Thanks for this video. Really appreciate the step by step scenes while you explain! You should have your own show! Real pro!

  26. in many cases the reason for the imbalance is caused by somene throwing something and striking one of the blades

  27. FIRST loosen all the screws on your blade and then “cock” all the blades in one direction while you re-tighten all the screws. that way all the blades have the same “alignment” which usually solves most imbalance issues.

  28. I KNOW HOW TO FIX IT!!!! Screw in the screws tighter….

  29. @dvrman hahahaha

  30. Thats a Casablanca Delta II if it had Casablanca blades and brackets it wouldbe fine but it has standard blades and brackets… so thats why the fan is messed up. Casablanca uses plywood blades vs MDF on most modern fans including the blades you had on that Delta II

  31. thank you, I had the balancing kit but was putting the clip on the blade halfway lengthwise. Obviously it was working. I will try putting it on the tip like you did, I hope I can fix it. It is really annoying.

  32. this isnt the shit im looking for HOW DO I FIX A CEILING FAN BLADE DUMBASS!

  33. what kind of wizardry is this

  34. Arguing over ceiling fan balancing? You guys should try this thing called “getting laid”.

  35. But my fan swings back and forth because it is attached to the box by a rotating ball. It’s frustrating because I have gone to my hardware store to get these “quick fix” kits before and I really feel I have wasted money. I don’t think weights are the answer.

  36. great video i just fixed my fan thanks…

  37. just take the fan down and assemble it again you damn lazy americans jeez….

  38. I don’t believe you. I, for one, work in the ceiling fan industry — go to sevillefans dawt com — and you’re only about 80% right on the things you mentioned, and you left plenty of stuff out. To boot, I think that you’re an insecure, domineering ass. Just my $0.02

  39. Wrong, idiot. Fans wobble because the blades are out of alignment with each other, either in terms of weight, size, shape (Y-axis parabola), Z-axis pitch, or X-axis pitch. It doesn’t matter whether the ceiling is level, whether it’s smooth, whether the box is loose, or whether there even is a box at all.

  40. Nice fan — it’s a “Delta II” model by Casablanca. And no, a wobbling fan isn’t dangerous, it won’t loosen anything. Both fans and fan boxes are designed in such a way as to have lock pins (or other locking devices) which nullify torsional effect. I know; I run a ceiling fan company. Just my $0.02

  41. Ceiling fans wobble because the mounting screws are loose OR the fan box itself is not level and or loose.
    balancing kits are for idiots.
    Take the fan down and tighten the box.

  42. when you try it,try it on the fastest speed then it will be ballenced on all speeds.

  43. hey… this video was made for people that dont work in the ceiling fan industries, also for people that dont read instructions… lol (i include myself in that lot :P) i dont see the big deal in saying “right on” when I learn something new… o.O

  44. Right on what! I’am in the ceiling fan industry. I know what I’m saying, you got that.

  45. No. ALL ceiling fans come with easy to follow trilingual instructions to balance them in RARE case of wobble. So he is wasting saliva, because he’s not telling you all how to really REPAIR a ceiling fan, just how to find a solution to a problem that’s less than common in today’s ceiling fans.

  46. right on!

  47. But you have to take account of the people that do not know how to do this or dont know about it so no hes not wasting anything.

  48. Nothing new or of educational value here. ALL ceiling fans sold have the balance weight kit included. And only 1% of the fans sold required the use of the balance kit. The high end manufacturers have taken a step further in making sure the blades are well-balance before leaving the factories. they’re using micro balance technology which detect the slightness off gram on the blades and blade arms to prevent wobble. This guy is just wasting saliva.

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