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How Much Does A Houston Home Inspection Cost?

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How Much Does A Houston Home Inspection Cost?

This is a question that gets asked thousands of times every day…. and the answer is… it depends.

A variety of factorsa fax the cost of a professional home inspection.

How long a home inspection will take to perform depends on two factors, the size and age of the home.

Most professional home inspectors set their prices based on the time it takes to do a thorough inspection. So the more time the higher the cost.

The cost of the home inspection is also affected by the number and type of services you want the inspector to provide.

For example, do you just need a basic home inspection? Or do you want additional services like these:

* Radon Testing
* Termite Inspection (WDI)
* Indoor Air Quality Testing
* Pool and Spa Inspection

The experience level of the home inspector can also make a big difference in the price of the inspection.

If you do not want to get stuck with a “money pit”, hiring an experienced professional home inspector will greatly reduce your chances of unexpected expenses later.

Experienced home inspectors charge more for their expertise and it’s well worth it!

Geographic location also plays a role in how much a home inspection costs. Prices vary greatly across the country.

It’s less expensive to have an inspection done in Jackson, Mississippi than it is in Houston, Texas.

It is also less expensive to live in Jackson than it is in Houston.

A good way to determine the cost of a quality, professional home inspection is to take your mortgage payment divided by two.

If you are really looking fora quality, professional home inspector that will keep you from buying a “money pit”, choose them based on their experience, knowledge, education, and reputation not on the cheapest price.

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