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How Much Does A Houston Home Inspection Cost?

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How Much Does A Houston Home Inspection Cost?

A better question would be “Does a general contractor have the proper education and training to do a home inspection?”

A house consists of many complex systems and components, such as electrical, plumbing, heating and air conditioning, roofing,
foundation/structural, insulation, and more.

Being familiar with some of these different systems is simply not enough.

For a proper home inspection, experience and training in each of the individual systems and components of the home is required.

Professional home inspectors go through extensive education and training and in many cases, many hours of on the job training as well, under the guidance of a professional, experienced home inspector before they perform their first independent home inspection.

Professional, full time, home inspectors perform 300 to 400 inspections, which gives them a keen eye to recognize the thousands of potential problems that can be present in a home.

Building technology is constantly changing and with that comes new problems and concerns.

Professional home inspectors spend dozens of hours each year in continuing education to keep up with all of the changes.

Professional home inspectors not only have to be able to recognize problems with the physical systems and components of the home, but they are also aware of many of the environmental issues in a home as well.

Environmental issues include the possibility of black mold, lead based paint, asbestos, and many others.

If the inspector suspects that these environmental issues are present, he will recommend further testing by a qualified professional.

A general contractor, while well versed in certain aspects of construction and remodeling is simply not equipped or experienced enough to recognize all the potential problems and issues that are required in a thorough home inspection.

You would be better served by hiring a professional home inspector to evaluate the home you’re interested in purchasing.

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