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How to do Basic Home Repairs : How to Repair Holes in Drywall for Home Improvement

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Learn the basics of how to fix a hole in drywall or sheetrock from a home repair professional in this free online DIY home improvement video. Expert: Greg Lim Bio: Greg Lim is a professional handyman and residential property manager. In the seven years hes been a contractor, he has fully renovated two houses.

22 Responses to “How to do Basic Home Repairs : How to Repair Holes in Drywall for Home Improvement”

  1. dry walls are not a good thing to take your stress out on

  2. this stupid fuck has no clue how to do the job. go ahead and use that mesh tape and watch your hole crack in 1 week

  3. Awesome advice, he seems exhausted doing this though

  4. Expertvillage has 138,793 videos and this is the only one thats usefull

  5. snabb måleri i västerås i

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    thumbs up!

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  8. what do you do if you have deep cracks in the drywall? I bought an old house and the previous owner had installed wall shelves and it looks like the items on the shelves were too heavy that it made the wall crack in different places.

  9. Very informative video. It helped alot!

  10. fiberglass mesh is made for plaster. idiot

  11. my observation regarding drywall repair (as one who has reluctantly done a pretty good bit of it) is that the thinner the mud, the potentially easier the job. thick mud right out of the bucket makes a nasty, hard to work, mess.

  12. i just put a 7.5 inch by 3 inch hole in the wall..not really a round hole but i can just fit my iphone in there. is this size fixable or too big? i dun want to cut anything like on all the other vids. pleaase help.

  13. for anyone whos handy, is there any way to patch a tiny hole (approx 1/4″) in my wall with some sort of putty or something without having to replace an entire square around it? i misplaced an anchor for hanging a frame and need to move it over a bit.

  14. I have a 3 inch hole in my wall, will this be any good?

  15. Thanks for the great video. This is a certainly a home repair that many homeowners can do themselves.

  16. I think he is a professional jerk off that knows nothing about drywall!

  17. Thanks for the effort in posting this to help others selflessly.

  18. sorry but this guy knows jackshit about drywall

  19. too much work for such a small hole it would have been better to get a wider blade to go over it again u wouldnt have to sand

  20. Thanks for the tips!

  21. what he’s doing is right also. it works fine trust me. what are the chances of someone damaging the same spot again!

  22. Thanks Tom Hanks!

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