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Jacksonville Home Inspections -How Much Should A Home Inspection Cost?

5avg.rating 45 votes. How much is a home inspection? I know you as the real estate professional get that question from customers every time you mention the need for a home inspection or WDO inspection. Well, pity poor me, I get that question in my office about 100 times a week! Not that I’m complaining, but it sure would be nice for you, me, and our mutual customers if there was a predictable formula to estimate the expected expense of the home inspection and WDO inspection in the real estate transaction. But when agents are asked about the cost of inspections, the first response is to give an estimated price. An extremely common estimate given by agents is the figure 0. Bad news! While it is nice to give a dollar figure for the buyer, it most always ends with the buyer extremely frustrated. What do I mean? When an agent gives an actual number as the answer to “How much is a home inspection”, it makes anything less seem cheap, which seems like a good thing to the customer, and anything more seem expensive, which appears bad. Back to our need for a predictable formula – IS there such a thing for this question? How DO you answer the question “how much is a home inspection”? After more than 30000 home inspections over 15 years in this business, I have found the answer! It has been working well for customers when they call my office at HomePro, and it will absolutely help you when dealing with this question. When a buyer asks, “How much is a home inspection”, simply ask, “How
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