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KDP Repair Home Video Highlites

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Heres a cut down version of the KDP tear down process.

5 Responses to “KDP Repair Home Video Highlites”

  1. @MrFlyinpig Cuss like crazy, then pull the oil pan out.

    The criss cut in teh bottom of the dowel makes it easier to pull them out. I should have made my cuts deeper so they weren’t so incredibly hard to pull…

  2. What do you do when a wood dowel breaks off when you’re pulling them out?

  3. My dowel pin just fell down and cracked the case with the info on your vids i will more than likely take on the project myself thanks for the video. One thing though before u put the case back on do u need to replace the dowel pin???

  4. i have never heard of this, whats the purpose of tabbing the KDP, and how will i know when to do it

  5. @matts4290 Simple answer no, plus, the housing will not come off with the cam gear attached to the cam.

    You can tab the KDP without much work. Just to repair the afrtermath is a lengthy process. Search google for KDP tab method.

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