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Kit Home Owner Builder Guide Australia – Steel Frame_2

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Clients work with a professional building consultant to develop a “Construction Costing Guide” to help them budget their kit home. There are hundreds of options out there that are available to us, so whether you save money in buying a kitchen from IKEA, getting your brother’s mate to plaster your home or maybe your father has a green thumb and would love to help you with the landscaping, all these things will help lower the cost of your finished product. ASK HOMES say “If you can save then save!” The biggest saving in working with ASK HOMES is in becoming an OWNER BUILDER. Although this may sound daunting, the process is actually very simple with a ‘correspondence course’ able to be completed in a single day. By obtaining an OWNER BUILDER licence you’ll eliminate any builders profit or contingency that the builder would normally add on to their costs in case unforseen things happen. This super profit is better in your back pocket and can often see OWNER BUILDERS saving between 20% and 40% on the construction of their new home. Don’t worry, ASK HOMES will be there every step of the way if you need them, so you’ll always have the right advice when you need it. Many builders are simply middle men anyway, so at the very least you’ll save thousands just by taking the role as the organiser. You’re mobile phone is your best used tool. And because our homes are supplied as KIT HOMES, it means you’ll get a full set of kit home instructions.
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