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New Home Buyers Need a Home Inspection Checklist to Make Educated Home Purchasing Decisions

5avg.rating 45 votes. If you’re planning on buying a new house, I suggest that you get a hold of my home inspection checklist to save yourself some grief in the future. You could actually save you a lot of grief and frustration, by finding one problem with a home using this checklist. Structural foundation and framing damage can cost a small fortune along with plumbing and electrical problems. If you don’t know enough about home construction, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to get a home inspection checklist. Most homeowners can barely afford to make their house payments and aren’t going to be interested in making major home repairs in the future. A good home inspector and a good home inspection checklist can eliminate some of your future home repairs, especially if you don’t buy a home that already has problems.

The Home Check book puts the Inspection Process in the Palms of you hands, allowing you to systematically perform any property inspection without over looking a single item. Reduces Errors & Omissions, Saves not only Time but Money, Helps Prevent Possible Litigation and speeds up the work process while reducing call backs.

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