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Real Estate & Home Inspections!

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Real Estate & Home Inspections!

Real Estate and Home Inspections Service!

Real estate investor or buying your first Home! Things you should know so people don’t take advantage of you.

Everybody knows you should always get a home inspection before buying anything. It is always better to understand what your getting into first, before spending your money.

Real Estate investors leave nothing overlooked so they don’t waste time or there money. There are plenty of people out there that try breaking into the market of real estate only to end up with a cash cow of a home.

Prime examples are house flippers. Many lost there shirts when everybody started losing there jobs. Buying smaller homes and flipping them for a profit does not leave very much room for error.

If your thinking of getting into the Real estate market take some really good advice. Find people that will work with you and stay to larger homes, they don’t drop in value as much.

When working with contractors, find renovation contractors like, Quality Home Renovations & Improvements and use them for every Project you do. They will try harder to meet your budget, knowing you will have another project for them when this one is finished.

The old saying is “keep the money flowing and the wrecking ball rolling.” Your making money and were making money and everybody is happy.

If your a first time home buyer or a real estate marvel here is a good tip. When you find the house you wish contact a home renovation specialist to do an home inspection for you. Yes there companies that do this all the time, But why a home renovation guy.

I’ll explain. Asking¬† a renovation guy to come with you and give you a house inspection helps in 2 ways.

They know what to look for! insulation, mold, wiring.  When I walk in a home I can tell things that need to get fixed right away. I would be able to tell you how much it would cost to fix it, and to renovate it to fit your needs.

A regular home inspection will not tell you everything that I could and I even would give you an estimate in advance. The same money you would pay some home inspection service you can pay your contractor and hey will take it off the budget latter when you book your renovation in.

It does not even make sense to give someone money that will never even know what a hammer and nail is! It does make sense to make things as cheap as possible for yourself so when buying your home you already know what you are looking for so include your quality home renovation company to help easy your mind.

Many real estate pros are doing this why shouldn’t you. It cost 0-300 for a home inspection. It would cost around 0 to get an estimate inspection at the same time. Think about having a nice dinner instead with the extra money. If you are Interested in having Quality Home Renovations and Improvements helping you buy a home feel free to contact us by clicking here!

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