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Stimulus Offers NO Homeowner Help! What?

5avg.rating 45 votes. The recent stimulus in negotiations offers no homeowner mortgage assistance. Right out of President Obama’s mouth, the loan modifications needed to help millions of homeowners, current and past due, are not addressed in this stimulus package, but there will be “announcements” in a few weeks. Defaults Return as Moratoriums Wore Off in Massachusetts and California, Same May Happen in New York; NYC Unemployment Rate Rose to 7.4% (In Focus) Call me and with Home Solutions of North America we can save your home. Tish Washington 626-945-5987 Below are TAGS How to Save Your Home How to Modify your loan How to stop foreclosure How to get your mortgage modified Modifications Foreclosure foreclosure home short sale save our home Hope Loss Mitigation Loan Mod mortgage Mod Modify HUD HOPE4MYLOAN Bailout LOANS GOD CHANGE JESUS SAVE RESTRUCTURE Bankruptcy bank foreclosure pre foreclosure how to save my home real estate foreclosure REO avoiding foreclosure keep my house hope for my home hope for my loan mortgage bailout You could fall into one of the following categories: Short Refinance, Forbearance Agreement, Repayment plan, Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure, Short Sale and/or Cash for Keys. Please visit our website and download a copy of terms and definitions. California, Florida, Nevada Christian Company If you have fallen behind on your mortgage payment and have received a Notice of Default or Notice of Trustee Sale and may be facing a Foreclosure we can assist you
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31 Responses to “Stimulus Offers NO Homeowner Help! What?”

  1. Ameritards cannot even take responsibility for their own financial mistakes, Big Brother will come in and save them. You buy a house that puts a big strain on your monthly budget, then, you go out and buy a bunch of junk with a credit card, then, you get a heloc so you can go out and buy more junk. Why has this society lost all discipline, because they can rely on Big Brother to bail them out.

  2. Stimulus to benefit who? I applied for a hardship reduction from Chase for my 15 year home equity loan and submitted all the paperwork within 2 months and they dragged it out over 6 and said no. They said I did not earn enough of money to lower the interest rate or extend the loan! What a joke, that is what it was for “hardships.” Instead I was told they want me to sell my house. I am 62.!!! What a crockj of bull!

  3. Obama lied. The worst cities in the country are controlled by the dumbocrats.

  4. Thanks Tish, you always have the answers people are looking for. Great info and I hope to see more soon.

  5. of course it has no leeway for home owners. It’s their plan to capitolize on America’s misery. This is all planned. It’s pointless that anyone is trying to own their own home when they’re paying property taxes! The government makes promises that it cannot keep. Watch closely the lies and manipulations that transpire. Keep an open mind and don’t give in to emotions. The truth is in view for those who seek it.

  6. they need to take care of their current customers!

  7. @skateboardergod7

    or… work harder like you have to, money doesn’t grow on trees like many americans belive 😛

  8. My mortgage is more than my house is worth but I bought my house when I had a really good paying job and the economy was good. Then the recession hit and I lost my job. I tried and tried to get my loan modified even if for only 5 years. But no, the loan servicing company doesn’t want to work with me. So I think I should just walk away and not worry about being a homeowner. It isn’t what it was cracked up to be.

  9. And isn’t it just so wonderful how you “feel” bad for those people that are going to lose their homes. How terrible that a woman who made $10/hr was duped into purchasing something she couldn’t afford. So instead of actually fixing the problem and teaching these people a lesson, what do we do? We continue to subsidize stupidity and reward these people for their greed.
    Revolutionary. Right. You know what would be sadly revolutionary now? Telling people to earn what they want.

  10. If Cenk Uygur could pull his nose out of Obama’s ass for a minute he might (although unlikely) be able to witness the overwhelming hypocrisy in his statements. “instead of taking money from you..” Really Mr. Uygur? Where then does Mr. Obama get his money? From the sales of all the fantastic products the government produces? Oh I forgot, the US Government produces nothing, well, nothing of course except debt.

  11. This man makes light of “Unintended Consequences” as the last few administrations have done.

    It’s time to return to the Founding Principles.

  12. LOL!!! a bit redundant and idiotic.

  13. How comprehensive and well articulated.

  14. The Homeowner Affordability and Stability Plan Factsheet indicates the plan focuses on homeowners with a high combined mortgage debt to income ratio. So it selectively bails out people who made little money and accrued huge amounts of debt. The program forces lenders to reduce interest rates so monthly mortgage payments are no higher than 31% of the borrowers income. This will likely cause mortgage rates to skyrocket.

    A conservative would call this ‘redistribution of wealth’.

  15. Here is a better idea than Obama’s plan,

    1. Legaliize Heimp ( or something like that)
    2. Lower the taxes and so that more people has more money to spend, then they can go & spend their money
    3. CHANGE the new taxes too other taxes
    4. Give more money to the people to spend

  16. Check out the local houseing that has been worth less than two hundred thousand, those people were taken advantage of through hidden increased payments never discussed before closing. Why should tax payers have to pay all the values of course not. How about the fact that the values of the housing markets were falsely increased and being that evesryone involved played along if some people wind up paying their mortgage great, for those whose homes were falsely valued let the payment be revalued

  17. interesting how after watching this video I look to the right and see an ad that says “do you regret voting for Obama? VOTE NOW”

    I’d be more confident if I heard what selection process was going to be used. Anyone can make up a story to look like a victim. So I can’t see this being divvied out fairly, sadly these efforts I’ve seen so far seam like band-aids on gushing wounds. This doesn’t look like solid planning, it looks more like “lets throw stuff at the wall and see what sticks”.

  18. So all of the 340 million that chose to do things the correct way have to pay for the 5 million that messed up….reward the bad at the expense of the good…people need to be responsible for their own actions, ignorance is not a plead.

  19. Cenk must not know people that bought more than could afford. They knew what they were doing, many of whom thought they’d be rich. They were gambling with the bank’s money. There is absolutely no justifiable reason that responsible American should subsidize their lavish lifestyle. Some trust fund baby that bought a $1m condo with zero down making $100k a year whose parents could afford to bail him out will get a bailout from the taxpayers, people making less than him. Disgusting.

  20. Good for them. Maybe if they didnt give so much they would be fine. This is bogus and will equal more entitlment for people. It is now life liberty and the entitlement of happiness.

  21. I’m sorry to hear that. They’ll be better off renting though. Nobody else should have to pay for their mortgage. They aren’t entitled to the house. If they cannot pay for it, they shouldn’t have it.

  22. Well I do, because I have people in my family struggling with their home mortgages and they’re doing the best they can. They’re not irresponsible. They’re peace-loving people who give to the community.

  23. I don’t. I’ve met too many greedy homeowners over the years, gloating about how rich their overpriced house will make them. Home ownership is not a right. Hardworking americans should not pay for the greediest and most irresponsible people’s houses.

  24. I’m a renter. Why should my tax dollars go to bail out a greedy homeowner? They bought more than they can afford. They can go rent a house like me now.

  25. Is that you Sarah Palin?

  26. check your pants, its probably just a turtlehead .. ..

    and, the skidmark in your shorts goes very well with the yellow streak that continues up your spine … a real fashion statement for left-wing loons

  27. I smell a troll.

  28. 42% to 58% is a landslide in my book. Sure, it’s not Reagan/Mondale, but it’s not close in any book.

    Plus looking at a map doesn’t show how many people are living in those counties, so that argument is irrelevant.

  29. LMFAO .. nothing ‘reasonable’ about a 4 TRILLION debt assdrip .. but since your income matches your IQ, you’re well below the baseline of those of us who will be responsible for servicing that debt… .. see ya in the streets for the coming revolution .. won’t be hard to find ya, you’ll be the one hiding behind Rosie O’Donut.

  30. Obviously you retain no actual knowledge, you ignored oversight prior to 2007. As well as my previous point that 50-70% of the GDP was from the housing bubble, meaning the collapse was WELL under way by 2007.

    Which destroys your attempts to blame Frank.

    You don’t retain knowledge, nor address issues in a reasonable manner.

    You’re like a monkey in a cage. It was fun poking you with a stick till you were flinging feces and banging your head on the bars.

    Now, you’re pathetic, and I Pity You.

  31. LOL .. sorry to burst yo bubble fucktard, but 42% of the taxpaying citizens voted AGAINST the spear caddy – hardly a landslide (take a look sometime at the red/blue national county map haha) … that leaves some clueless liberals and then the social spoonges that did vote for the dink.

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