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Top 10 Home Repair Tips

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Thinking about some home repairs? Find out some of the top tips for that next home improvement project. Drew’s Roofing And Home Repair 910-845-2207 Drew’s Roofing and Home Repair is a small, high quality roofing company providing the highest level of customer service to it’s clients. We would like an opportunity to offer you the same level of service. …
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14 Responses to “Top 10 Home Repair Tips”

  1. Funny–in the choices of “What’s most important to you when looking to buy a home?” on your channel, QUALITY/CRAFTSMANSHIP isn’t a choice. Seems nobody knows what it is anymore and why it’s so hard to find or so costly when you do. It should be a top priority instead of all the throw-away homes of today. They may as well be pole buildings for as much character, sturdiness, and long-term liveability they have. IKEA homes. America-not known for quality anymore.

  2. Great Video!

  3. @Jimmyjoeandthegang You will have to measure in between each joist. Reason is that when they are built alot (most ) of the time the joists will be off all the way through it. It’s not a hard job. Just don’t over think it is all :}

  4. i wish you would have showed how you reinforced the flooring, given measurements, my mobile home is all messed up and i dont know where to start first because im afraid the thing my go all to shit on me.

  5. tighter than jethros bung hole at 6:09 roflmao

  6. did it and found mold ripped it out

  7. Check out my rupalt video thats the finish

  8. hmm where is the after?

  9. Wow , my goodness mine has gotten this much work to do on it not sure why I am even doing the project , lol but I really don’t know if there is any mold in mine I better check that out.

  10. Did you open up the walls to check for mold? When you showed the plumbing in the wall for the shower it had mold all over it. I have done a couple of these disaster bathrooms and usually all the walls have to come down due to mold. If you don’t get rid of the mold it will continue to grow and cause problems.

  11. about 1980s or so

  12. What yr. is that home?

  13. tell me about it WOW

  14. i cant believe no one stepped through the linoleum

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