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Why Did I Create a Home Inspection Checklist? – Home Buying Ideas

5avg.rating 45 votes. Why does anyone create something? For most of us, it’s to make something better than the ones created before us. I couldn’t find a good home inspection checklists, so I made my own. Now you’re probably wondering why would I make my own home inspection checklist, if I already know so much about construction and home repairs. It’s simple, I want to inform potential homebuyers and even home sellers about some of the potential problems they have with their homes right now or could have with their homes in the future. Even if you’re not planning on buying a house, you can use this home inspection checklist for your current home. I didn’t just create this checklist for new home buyers, you can use this checklist annually to inspect your home for any problems and monitor some of those problems to make sure that they’re not getting bigger. Big problems usually lead to big home repair bills. Even if you find one thing on the home inspection checklist that’s helpful, just one simple item, how much money would this home inspection checklist be worth to you, if it prevented you and your family from financial devastation in the future.

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