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Women are Taking on Home Improvement

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San Diego, CA (PRWEB) April 17, 2007

Home improvement is becoming a popular hobby for women, according to a study conducted by Yankalovich Partners. A shocking 37 percent of women said they would rather work on a home improvement project than hit the malls, while 28 percent said they’d rather work on their home than cook.

Home improvement television shows like “Trading Spaces” and “While You Were Out” have shown women that they too can tackle those home improvement projects that require more than just painting, wallpapering and rearranging the furniture. Women are now installing their own ceramic tile and hardwood flooring throughout their homes, along with taking on other big home improvement projects.

“Most people think that the home improvement industry only targets the male market, but surprisingly, most of our customers are women looking to embark on a new project,” said Kelley Munoz of West Coast Flooring Center . “These days, women seem to know exactly what they need to purchase to complete their home project and improve their home’s value.”

Home improvement is not only popular due to the home renovation television programs featuring capable women designers and carpenters, but for the sense of empowerment it provides the homeowner. More women are enjoying the feeling of achievement they get from creating visible and valuable improvements to their home. In fact, 54 percent of women versus 51 percent of men who participated in the Yanlalovich Partners study said they were currently undertaking a home improvement project. Home improvement projects provide a mean for women to express their creativity, along with their construction skills.

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